See for the latest, including a new book project. This website is not current and will be retired at some point.

Scott Murray


I work with code, data, and computation to design learning experiences. I’m interested in learning, teaching, design, visualization, art, and culture.

I manage the Learning Experience team at O’Reilly Media. Before that, I was an Assistant Professor of Design at USF.

I wrote Unstuck: JavaScript and two editions of Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, the best-selling way to learn D3.js and a pretty decent book still rated ★★★★★ on Amazon.

I used to contribute to Processing, the software that completely changed my life. I studied at MassArt’s Dynamic Media Institute (M.F.A. 2010) and Vassar College (A.B. 2001).

I live in Portland, Oregon.


The energetic particles on the home page were created with Processing and Processing.js.

Site content is managed in a database-free environment with Kirby and hosted by Gandi. Site analytics magic performed by Matomo.

The site was made mobile-friendly through a combination of CSS3 media queries and JavaScript.

FastMail handles all my email and DNS.

This whole thing is in dire need of a redesign, but, really, who has the time?